Bath Time Spanking Fun and Spanked in The Shower (DVDs)

Two videos in one

Bath time Spanking Fun - Sarah Gregory and Kat St. James are really good friends. They both love to get spanked. So, they decided to film a fun and sensual spanking video in a warm bubble bath. This video is more realistic in that they are just casually talking and spanking each other and having fun, much like they would do off camera.

Spanked in the Shower - Sarah comes home and confronts Kat in the shower about an old friend she ran into at the gym. Kat and Sarah had agreed that they would only see this old friend together. Sarah finds out that her girlfriend, Kat, has gone behind her back to hang out with their old friend and lied about it. Sarah handles the situation with a hard bare bottom spanking. This is the way punishments are handled in their house.


Cat num: SG00070
Price: $29.00