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Sarah Gregory Spanking is Sarah Gregory's personal spanking website which offers traditional disciplinary spanking, playful spanking, and sensual spanking. My members section features many new faces to the spanking world as well as many other established fetish and spanking stars. I update 5 times a week and we are already up to over 400 full spanking videos. The spanking stories involve females and males and are edited, directed and produced by myself, a girl who has had a spanking fetish for as long as she can remember. Sarah Gregory can be seen not only as a bottom, receiving a good spanking, but also doing quite a bit of topping. As of January 1, 2014 all the movies will be in high-quality, crystal clear HD (1920x1080) in both MOV and MP4 format, movies from 2013 and before are in MOV and WMV format.


Anastasia Spanked and Strapped

Previously on "Momma Spankings", Anastasia was disciplined by her new stepmother for being rude and disobedient to her. Now she has been rude and disrespectful to daddy. He is not happy about his daughter's attitude and continued misbehavior so he decides to teach her a lesson with a well earned hard hand spanking and leather strapping. Anastasia's reactions to her spanking are priceless as she struggles to cope with his hard hand across her bared bottom. Her cheeks start to turn a shameful dark crimson before they really speckle and reveal marks of shame with his trusted leather strap. She is laid out on the bed as her bottom takes this mean punishment as she struggles and cries out in pain. By the end, she is one very sorry, disciplined girl who now understands a valuable lesson in respecting her parents.

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Lelu Learns Her Lesson

Sarah is very disappointed with her new assistant, Lelu, for dressing very unprofessionally for their trip. She is supposed to be wearing something a little more respectful than what she has on. Sarah is going to teach this naughty girl a lesson by taking her over her lap for a good old fashioned spanking. Pretty Lelu is amused and a little confused at first but when the spankings continue from over her tight sexy shorts to the slutty panties... she realizes Sarah is serious! To add a little humiliation, Sarah pulls down Lelu's panties and the spankings continue over her perfect bare behind! See another hot exclusive girl on girl spanking now showing at Sarah's site.

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Rachel Caned and Tawsed to Tears

In this special custom video presentation which we are showcasing across our network, Rachel Adams is the American flight attendant, working for a well known City State airline. It's a great company to work for unless you are caught stealing (like Rachel) and then there are unique rules for the punishment of its employees. This feature-length movie shows Rachel explaining what she has done and she has decided to take the punishment of 24 severe strokes of the cane and also 8 heavy swats of the tawse across her open hands. Rachel explains what is to happen, she is understandably nervous and knows this will hurt like nothing experienced before, it is to be humiliating and undresses slowly, explaining the caning process will also include her bare bottom being sprayed often with water to ensure the friction of the rod across her glistening buttocks will create maximum contact! The caning is in 2 sets of 12, such is the severity allowing for a break in between, the camera captures both angles in full... nothing is missed out, covering her facial and bottom welting reactions - caned from cold! She screams out when each stroke is administered, the endorphins flood her senses as her legs buckle and shake from the sheer force of this punishment! After she is a snotty, blubbering mess, she has to take her 4 lashes on each hand with the heavy leather tawse. She has never experienced anything like it and by the end is allowed to reflect on her punishment as she explains what it felt like from her perspective. The final scene reveals the results of Rachel's punishment: We see her poor welted bottom and her red, swollen hands as she applies lotion to soothe her aching welted cheeks. If you like to watch a genuine severe punishment carried out where nothing is left to the imagination, then this tear-filled snot fest caning and tawsing punishment of Rachel Adam is a must-see!

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Hurts So Good

Miss Bernadette has posted an ad for a live-in assistant. Zoe Page shows up for the interview but has absolutely no idea what is in store for her. After brief introductions, Miss Bernadette explains that she is looking for someone to do all the basic household chores and duties. However, she has other interests that Zoe must be open to if she wants the position offered. Zoe is told that she will be shown exactly what else will be expected of her as she notices the array of lovely straps and canes on the table. After stripping Zoe's tight dress off, she inspects her beautiful body that she will be causing delicious pain and excruciating pleasure to. Zoe is shy, a little shocked, yet quite curious as to what she should expect to experience. Bernadette takes Zoe through various stages of impact play including strapping, caning, cropping, tit slapping, pussy spanking, and other forms of humiliation such as crawling on all fours for Mistress. Zoe is unsure at first and it does hurt her quite a bit, but being naked, bared and exposed like this has rekindled some darker edgy desire to be treated like this and starts to like it by the end. This is going to be the perfect job for Zoe... and Bernadette is more than willing to hire her in this new, unique job arrangement.

Two Pranksters Punished

Elori and Cherry think it is hilarious that they were actually able to pull off a prank on some of the teachers at their private school. They put saran wrap over the pan and as you can imagine, it wasn't a pretty situation for the unfortunate teaching staff who were the "butt" of this childish joke. The Headmaster has called the two silly pranksters to his study to have a word with them about their pathetic behavior. After a good scolding, they are each spanked in front of each other... first over their regulation school panties, then on their bare, exposed bottoms. Now they are not laughing anymore as he decides to really teach them both a lasting lesson with a caning. They are both given 6 firm strokes of the rod as the girls cry out in pain, feeling the nasty sting of rattan applied to their bare red cheeks. This is one prank that they will not repeat anytime soon in the future!

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Sarah Spanks Pandora

Sarah and Pandora are roommates sharing a beautiful house, the only problem is it is such a mess. Sarah had agreed to rent a room to Pandora for less money in exchange for help with the cleaning. Pandora agreed but has been slacking lately. Sarah has friends coming over soon and the kitchen is a complete mess! Pandora argues this and refuses to clean it and keep up her end of the agreement until Sarah threatens to spank her. Of course, Pandora doesn't believe Sarah would do such a thing. But sure enough, she is bent right over the counter to look at the messy kitchen while Sarah smacks her perfectly spankable bottom until it is crimson red. Her skirt comes up to reveal her bare bottom and stockings as the spanking continues. Next, the lace panties are removed and the hairbrush is applied to Pandora's already sore, aching bottom until she agrees to do as promised. Sarah leaves a red-bottomed, naughty girl cleaning the kitchen, with her beautifully perfect, round bottom on display.

Cara's Cruel Basement Punishment

This is another in the series of "basement punishments" from the vindictive nurse, Miss Bernadette. She enjoys having her way with a naked Cara, treating her as a plaything. It was something Cara really wanted to participate in, with the result being an edgy film you will most definitely want to watch! Cara is kept in the basement of a sick and twisted Miss Bernadette, who likes to dress up as a nurse, having her way with young unassuming women. She can be nice if they take her punishments like a good girl or she can be really, really mean if they fight her and put up a fuss. They know that they are at her mercy, as is the case with the beautiful and helpless Cara Day. Cara is treated like a plaything to Nurse Bernadette. Some highlights of the various punishments; she gets lots of caning, and the hardest is on the fronts of her thighs. She also is forced to drink out of a dog dish if she is thirsty and when she doesn't drink it fast enough the water is thrown on her and treated like a dog, licking water off the floor if needed. Cara is strapped hard on her bottom and screams in pain. Her hair is pulled, she is face slapped, and her perky tits grabbed and slapped for fun. She has to thank Miss Bernadette for each strap stroke and ask for more. When she talks back, she is spat on, slapped some more and even has a hand held over her mouth so she can be reminded just who holds the power and control in this relationship. Bernadette ends this "fun" evening by hugging and kissing her little plaything saying what a great time she had and how she has so many more ideas for her! Remember, this film includes the following humiliating punishments: thigh, pussy, and tit slapping, leather strappings, mean canings, cruel pet play, predicament play, and face slappings which induce much embarrassment and compliance! Miss it at your peril!

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Student Spanked Teacher Spanked

Ava has broken so many rules and her teacher, Miss Jordan, doesn't know how to deal with her so she brings her to the principal's office. Principal Rogers asks if corporal punishment is being used as it is the policy at this private school when a student misbehaves... they get spanked or paddled. Miss Jordan admits that she is not using corporal punishment and never has. Well, Ava is going to be punished for her bad behavior but in front of her teacher to show just how things need to be done from now on. The schoolgirl is spanked by the Principal and then he makes Miss Jordan spank her too. She doesn't want to, but she knows this is the only way Ava will learn. The principal then bends Ava over the desk for a hard, wooden paddling until her bottom is bruised and sore. Ava is sent away to compose herself, and to her surprise, Principal Rogers has a similar punishment in store for the teacher. If she can't control her class, she will learn first hand what needs to be done. The teacher is spanked over her boss's lap, how humiliating. Then she is bent over for a dose of the wooden paddle as well until she is also bruised, welted and sore.

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Maid Learns the Rules

Fae hasn't been doing her housekeeping duties and chores as Mistress of the House, Zoe, has directed. When things are not done as they should be, punishments are routinely carried out. Fae reports to Miss Zoe's study and must accept the latest punishment for not following the House Rules and doing what she is supposed to be doing. She is spanked over Misstress's lap over her maid's dress uniform, white bloomers, and then on her reddening, sore bottom. It seems that this young maid of the house never seems to learn her lesson. So next she is spanked with the carpet beater across her pert bare cheeks, since she doesn't seem to know how to use one! It has remained in the closet and the carpets have remained dustier than usual. She is then given 6 strokes of the cane on the backs of her thighs for the continual failure to learn her lesson. This is all rather humiliating for Fae and she endures further punishment in the end as it is discovered she is the one who brought a rather rude book into the house as well. Don't miss this amazing pairing of Fae and Zoe in a period piece of fine spanking erotica.

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Sexy Schoolgirl Spankings and Wedgies

In this spanking and wedgie custom film, Lola and Ashley are sexy schoolgirls that are hanging out in their dorm. They have noticed that they are wearing cute matching panties and think that it is sexy. They start to talk about it and show each other how their panties look, hugging the shape of their bottoms... then the wedgie fun starts. They think it is hot to give each other intimate wedgies and then the satisfying feeling of picking out their tight sexy panties. However, Miss Casey Calvert walks in on them and she is less than pleased at this rude, disgusting behavior. She decides to teach them both a humiliating lesson. Not only are their skirts far too short, but they shouldn't be doing this sort of thing. The girls get a taste of their own medicine, she gives them wedgies which is much more embarrassing to have their teacher do this. Then Miss Calvert spanks each of them over her lap as her hand smacks their bottoms first over their skirts, then over their tight panties with them pulled right up their crack, getting spankings and wedgies combined. This was most humiliating for Ashley and Lola, watching each other squirm and it continues until both bottoms are a nice shade of pink. The girls are left by Miss to reflect on their filthy behavior, facing the wall, caressing their recently wedgied sore bottoms.

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