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Sarah Gregory Spanking is Sarah Gregory's personal spanking website which offers traditional disciplinary spanking, playful spanking, and sensual spanking. My members section features many new faces to the spanking world as well as many other established fetish and spanking stars. I update 5 times a week and we are already up to over 400 full spanking videos. The spanking stories involve females and males and are edited, directed and produced by myself, a girl who has had a spanking fetish for as long as she can remember. Sarah Gregory can be seen not only as a bottom, receiving a good spanking, but also doing quite a bit of topping. As of January 1, 2014 all the movies will be in high-quality, crystal clear HD (1920x1080) in both MOV and MP4 format, movies from 2013 and before are in MOV and WMV format.


Blowjob Hoe Spanked and Soaped

Bernadette has caught her husband in the act of receiving a blowjob from the neighborhood whore, Clare Fonda. She is appalled at her husband and is going to teach this little slut a lesson while making him watch. She takes Clare over her lap for a spanking. Clare is shocked and wonders why she doesn't do this to her husband. Bernadette warns that Dave will be getting this treatment the next day but for now it is all about Clare since she defiled her house and put his dick inside her mouth. After a hand spanking, the leather strap is taken to her bare behind as she is scolded and treated like the little slut she is. This is not the end of the punishment, not by a long shot... as Clare is told to go to the bathroom. A mouth soaping is next for this cock sucking whore. Clare can only watch herself in the mirror as angry Bernadette soaps her mouth to clean her husband's dick juice out of there. It is only now that a tearful Clare is feeling fully humiliated and ashamed.

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Slacking Slutty Rachel

Rachel has been asked to meet her boss in the company's break room to discuss her job. Through the security video footage and time logs, it has been brought to Miss Lovecraft's attention that Rachel has been skipping out of work early more times than not. She has also been wearing skirts that are way too short for the office. Rachel doesn't seem to think she has done anything wrong and only admits to leaving "45 minutes early for a couple of days" maximum. Now it is obvious to Miss Lovecraft that she is still lying to her boss when confronted with evidence... does she want to get fired? There is a solution that she feels Rachel might benefit from and that is with a workplace spanking! Rachel is taken right over her boss's lap to be taught a lesson on her bottom the old fashioned way. Rachel is spanked hard over her tight, slutty short skirt, then over her bright-colored panties... and Miss Lovecraft leaves the most embarrassing part for last - a bare-bottomed spanking with a wedgie and without the modesty of her panties. Miss Lovecraft even has Rachel spread her legs for further humiliation during the final part of her spanking that has her understanding that she should be a better employee!

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Gena Spanked and Strapped

Gena was given money to go to the grocery store for provisions, but instead, she goes and buys a new outfit with daddy's money. When she gets home he is napping on the couch so she sneaks in and decides to do some work at her computer. When he wakes he is confused as to why there is no food for dinner and notices Gena's new jeans and boots. She finally admits that she wanted the new outfit instead. For disobeying dad she knows she is in for it. After a stern talking to, she is pulled right over his lap for a good old fashioned spanking. First, she is spanked over her new tight-fitting jeans, then on her bare bottom. After a long hard hand spanking, she is given 20 licks with the family strap. Gena is laid out on the couch feeling vulnerable with her butt exposed in this shameful fashion. She is embarrassed and learns this behavior is far from acceptable as daddy's painful lesson is quickly learned.

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Reyna's Asylum Punishment

Reyna is a new inmate and has been faking sickness to try and get out of chores as well as attempting to run away. The infamous Nurse Bernadette has been sent to deal with this miscreant as she sees fit. First, the nurse has to make sure that Reyna isn't as sick as she says. She is put into the humiliating diaper position to have her temperature taken rectally. This is a first for Reyna and she is so humiliated having her most intimate parts bared and exposed in this fashion. Of course, her temperature is quite normal and so the punishment follows. Reyna is strapped bent over on all fours as the leather tans her wicked behind. Then the cane is used on her bottom, whilst she is still in the "all-fours" position until nurse Bernadette decides that the backs of Reyna's thighs need some treatment too. Her legs are held high in the vulnerable diaper position once more and they are easily welted once the caning recommences. Reyna is now naked, ashamed, and will learn to behave from now on.

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Sexy Leggings Sexy Spankings

In this sexy custom film, Christina Carter and Sarah Gregory have a fun time spanking each other over their tight shiny leggings in three different positions. First, they spank each other over the knee, remarking on how hot the spankings are to the touch and feel of the shiny garments. Next, they take turns to bend over, stretching their leggings as they smack each other on tightly clad behinds. Finally, with bottoms stuck out, they position themselves on their knees to push out their booties to really feel the leggings hugging their warmed bottoms during their spanking. These two ladies enjoy this so much. The sting of the hand over the tight leggings feels so sexy!

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Sarah and Tiana have just gotten back from a huge spanking party in Vegas, but apparently Tiana hasn't had enough spanking. Sarah is winding down for the evening and Tiana comes in twice to ask for yet another spanking. Sarah says that it is not a good night for it, but Tiana begs and pleads for her to reconsider. She wants a nice good girl bedtime spanking, but instead, her constant bugging of Sarah only triggers a hard spanking punishment instead. Tiana kicks and struggles as Sarah spanks this insatiable girl. Sarah finally uses a wooden hairbrush that really grabs her attention, especially when she is leg locked and unable to squirm or wriggle out of the final part of this punishment. It's a really hot all girl spanking and as one would say, "she should be careful what she wishes for" because she just might get it... and then some!

Apricot Spanked by Sister

Harley is very upset to have to stay home from the big dance to watch her younger sister, Apricot who is grounded. The parents have to go out and they needed Apricot to have supervision since she seems to breaking all sorts of rules lately. She has now gone and gotten a piercing in her nose when she was specifically told not to. If Harley is going to be punished by having to miss the dance and watch her, she will also punish Apricot by giving her a good hard spanking. Apricot is taken over sister's lap for a good hard spanking with hand and brush. She kicks in pain. After her bottom is a lovely shade of crimson, she is made to stand in the corner so Harley can admire a job well done.

Sore Bottom Real Tears

Rachel is on a family vacation, only thing is, she wants to have her own fun. She decides to meet up with a random guy from Tinder and have some fun at the hotel bar. Dad hears of this and confronts her the next morning. She is sleeping in the dress that she wore the night before and is clearly still feeling it. Dad is not happy and explains how unsafe her behavior is and how it could lead to very bad outcomes. Rachel doesn't think what she did was wrong so more of a lesson needs to be taught. She goes straight over dad's lap for a good old fashioned spanking, first over her slutty tight dress, then on her panties, and finally on her bare bottom. He isn't finished with her... even as Rachel's tears are welling up, he brings out the hairbrush which he knows will get the message across. She is quickly brought to a flow of very real tears and he knows it is only when she is a blubbering mess that she has learned a valuable lesson.

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Girlfriend's Indiscretion

Sarah and her partner Pandora are hosting a dinner party when all of a sudden Sarah decides to get a bit frisky and sticks her hand down her girlfriend's pants to cop a feel. Only she is surprised that Pandora is not wearing any panties. The reason being, Sarah keeps taking them and wearing them herself as she says they are so much more comfortable. After the guests go home, little cheeky Sarah is going to be taught a lesson in not only taking underwear that doesn't belong to her but embarrassing her partner in front of guests by trying to do private things. Sarah is given a spanking over the underwear she is wearing that belongs to Pandora but they don't stay on for long as her bare bottom is given a harder spanking for this. Pandora is far from finished and asks Sarah to give her the paddle on the nearby table so she can tan that delicious booty further. As the spanking nears an end, Pandora notices some wetness between Sarah's parted legs and she knows it is time to take things up to the bedroom and deal with this naughtiness privately.

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Sassy Stripper Spanked

Kajira is called to her club owner's back office where she works. Kajira is one of the top dancers, but he has noticed that she has been pretending to drink water but it is something far stronger... as he sniffs and confiscates her bottle. He should fire her on the spot, but as she is a great crowd-pleaser, he tells her she can stay if he punishes her... and she knows what that means! An over the knee spanking, like she is a naughty girl. It's humiliating, and he knows that, so she does as she is told as she doesn't want to lose her lucrative job. The boss spanks her over her tight gold shorts, then on her bare, perky bottom until her booty is red and sore. Her dancing later should prove interesting!

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