Daddy Daughter Spankings Vol. 1 (DVDs)

1. Dad's Double Discipline, Starring Joelle Barros and John Osborne - Dad receives a phone call from Joelle's school that the signature on her report card has been forged. When she gets home dad is waiting for her with a very stern look on his face and a paddle and hairbrush in hand. When Joelle has an attitude with him, it only makes him more upset and disappointed in her. She gets the spanking she very much deserves that afternoon and again before bed. 22 min.

2. Disobedient Daughter, starring Stevie Rose and Robert Shore - Daddy is not happy when his daughter Stevie arrives home on the back of a motorcycle. He is waiting on the couch looking out the window when she pulls up and he knows that she shouldn't be riding on the back of such dangerous contraptions. Daddy gives Stevie a chance to tell the truth as she doesn't know that he has installed a new video security system. Of course Stevie lies and daddy is very disappointed. He gives her a hard over the knee spanking bringing her close to tears. 13 min.

3. Social Media Spanking, starring Sarah Gregory and John Osborne - Sarah has been letting all her friends know via facebook that she has been grounded. Daddy doesn’t want their business posted all over the internet, esp. since she is not supposed to be using her phone to begin with. He marches up to her room to chastise her for taking her phone back and for posting that she is grounded online. He gives Sarah a spanking for her naughty behavior. 10 min.

Total DVD run time: 44 min.
Cat num: SG00340
Price: $34.00