Sarah's Dominant Collection Vol 1. (DVDs)

1. Video Vixen, Starring Casey Calvert and Sarah Gregory - Casey is Sarah's little sister. Sarah comes home to find little Casey stripping in front of a video camera and photographer. She is not happy at all and takes little sis over her knee for a bare bottom spanking in the nude, while Mr. creepy photographer watches and comments on how hot it is.

2. Bad Roommate, starring Sarah Gregory and Amelia Jane Rutherford - Sarah is not very happy when she finds that her roommate is wearing the outfit she was planning to wear out. She also doesn't like Amelia's attitude when she asks for it back. A good spanking is in order for this naughty roommate of hers.

3. Workout Burn, starring Sarah Gregory and Joelle Barros - Joelle is training under "Zumbo" instructor, Sarah Gregory to become an instructor. Joelle shows up for her test to show that she has learned the routines and completely blows it. Sarah is very disappointed in her student and she doesn't know what to do and just tells her to leave and not come back. Joelle wants to keep working with Sarah so she suggests she should be punished and what better way than with a spanking? Sarah agrees! Joelle didn't know how much of a spanking she would get and wishes that she had never asked.

4. London Calling, starring Sarah Gregory and Leia Ann Woods - Sarah and Leia Ann are roommates. Leia is visiting from England and uses Sarah's cell phone to make some long distance calls without Sarah knowing. When Sarah gets a bill for $500 from her mobile company, to say she is pissed off is an understatement. Not only will Leia pay back the money, she will also pay Sarah back by taking a hard spanking and caning.

Total DVD time: 58 min.
Cat num: SG00320
Price: $34.00