An Old Fashioned Spanking (DVDs)

Go back to the days in the 50's when punishment for naughty girls and boys warranted an over the knee bare bottom spanking.

In this video, Sarah Gregory is once again Momma Dana's unruly daughter but she thinks she is a perfect angel. That is, until Momma comes home from work and finds her over her Uncle Givan's knee getting a bare bottom spanking for her bad behavior at school and her overall sassy and bratty attitude toward him. Uncle Givan explains to Momma what's been going on when she's not there and he's finally had enough and decides she needs to be punished. He convinces Momma to spank her too "just like Mom did to us when we were young", which she does, much to Sarah's horror and shame. Sarah gets turned over Momma Dana's knee and gets a hard bare bottom hand spanking and hair brush spanking then sent to bed and told there is more to come. Uncle Givan and Momma take the belt to her and then both finish her off with a swift hard bare bottom spanking over both of their knees at the same time.

46 min
Cat num: SG00195
Price: $34.00