Sarah and Chelsea Pfeiffer Collection (DVDs)

3 Movies in One, 57 MINUTES

Over Slept - Sarah's mom is not too happy when she comes home from work and finds that Sarah has slept all day and missed school. A hard bare bottom spanking and strapping will teach poor Sarah not to sleep all day and miss school.

Cheer Lies - Sarah has not been to cheer practice for two months. When her mother confronts her about this after receiving a phone call from the cheer-coach, she admits to lying. As a consequence, Sarah is given a very hard bare bottom hand and hairbrush spanking from her strict mom.

Sarah In Therapy - This video was very real for Sarah, it was based on some actual issues that she has been dealing with such as, taking care of herself and eating properly. She has explored the idea of getting spanked by a therapist on other websites, and now she gets to explore it on her own site. Watch Sarah get a very realistic hard bare bottom spanking and strapping from Chelsea.
Cat num: SG00030
Price: $34.00