Sarah Spanked by the Brits (DVDs)

2 Movies in One, 42 MINUTES

The Nanny - Sarah is attending school in England and living in a house that her father paid for. She is out of control, missing classes, partying, and her grades are slipping. Her father hires a nanny to come in a and whip this bratty girl into shape with some good old fashioned discipline.

Spanked at Dawn - Sarah is staying in England with her friend Amelia Jane as an exchange student. She is not too happy to find out that the standard punishment for outlandish behavior is spanking. Amelia's guardian finds a note from school that the two were trying to hide about some trouble they had gotten into. Paul wakes these brats at dawn to give them a bare bottom spanking and a good old fashioned slippering British style.
Cat num: SG00140
Price: $34.00