Sarah Seek Repentance (DVDs)

Sarah has been sent to a special school for promiscuous young ladies who cannot seem to stay out of trouble. Sarah is such a slut and her parents have had enough of this behavior. Nurse Samantha and Head Nun Bernadette will get to the bottom of this sinful sluttiness. Sarah is taken through a medical intake and various other forms of corporal punishment to punish the sin out of her. As the tears flow from her eyes down her cheeks, Nurse Samantha and Head Nun Bernadette know that she truly feels remorse and is ready for the final treatment. Sarah is asked, "Where is Satan?" It's inside her vagina where Satan resides, Nun Bernadette explains. The wand will be used to get Satan out. It is a type of exorcism they are performing and as Sarah cums very hard, Satan and his juices are released from her.

35 min.

Cat num: SG00448
Price: $34.00