Spanking Sucking and Fucking (DVDs)

In this long film, Sarah is brought another gift, this gift is beautiful Cara Day. However if Sarah wants to have fun with this sexy sweetheart, they both must take some pain. Miss Bernadette has them both strip before bending over nude with their bottoms in the air. She spanks them both side by side. Next she has them kneel on the bed and face her. She use a stingy flogger on their bare breasts and then a leather crop on their pussys. She then has them bend over again for the leather strap and more of her hand. They moan in pain but know they must take it if they want the pleasure to come soon. Their pain ends with them face to face holding each other as Miss Bernadette straps their bare bottoms and canes the soles of their feet.

Next, Miss Bernadette orders Cara to give oral sex and to finger Sarah's wet pussy to get her ready for what is to come next. Sarah's wet pussy is swollen as Cara licks and fingers her! After Cara eats out Sarah's wet swollen pussy, she puts the strap-on on. Miss Bernadette now orders Sarah to suck Cara's strap-on dildo before getting fucked with it from behind as Miss Bernadette tugs on Sarah's lead and tells her to take it. This is Sarah's FIRST time ever taking a strap-on!!! Lastly, Miss Bernadette now has Sarah please Cara. Sarah first is ordered to go down on her just like Cara did to her and then she must fuck Cara with a big dildo until Cara cums!

31 min.

Cat num: SG00442
Price: $30.00