Strictmoor Summer Spankings (DVDs)

It was early summer, 1960 and although it was not the traditional Strictmoor Academy season, there were three particularly naughty young ladies who had attended Strictmoor before and one new young lady who all needed a top up course. Mrs. Jackson and then rest of the usual Strictmoor staff were on holiday but asked two very skilled ladies in education and disciplinary correction, Miss Wellbourne and Mrs. Frobisher, to step in and run this week long course for these four naughty miscreants.

The girls know they will be punished, and punished often, whether in the classroom in front of each other or in their dorm rooms. as it is Strictmoor Academy..... and spanking during the day always means an additional spanking at bedtime. By the end of the week, these four young ladies will have learnt the real value of being proper young ladies who should no longer suffer the indignity of panties down, over the knee, bare bottom spankings.

2 hours, 13 min.

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