Mommy and Daddy Punish Sarah (DVDs)

In this real punishment film, Sarah’s scene Mommy and Daddy punish her for her excessive drinking while she was in Atlantic City. Mommy had already dealt with the drinking while at parties in the last punishment, so she is not happy to say the least with Sarah yet again. Obviously the message didn’t get through so the spanking will need to be harder. The punishment was filmed while in Houston after a long party weekend where Sarah did behave, but she still needed to learn a lesson. And that lesson is not just about drinking too much while at spanking parties, but about her low self esteem as well. It really upsets her mommy and daddy when she talks down about herself. This is something Sarah has struggled with for a long time, so it will be an ongoing goal to work on this behavior. Both Mommy and Daddy spank Sarah with their hand, then daddy takes the strap to her before Mommy ends with a hard bath brush spanking! Sarah’s most dreaded implement is the bath brush and mommy knows that, so it is reserved for punishment only. It really gets the message across. Sarah is crying very real tears throughout this whole film. Not only does the spanking sting, but the words get to her as well. Sometimes just hearing that mommy and daddy are disappointed in you is enough to bring on tears, Sarah hates to let them down. Don't miss this very raw, very real punishment of Sarah!

26 min.

Cat num: SG00405
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