Spanked by Mommy and Daddy (DVDs)

Angel has been a very very bad girl. Since she was caned at school for missing class, she decided to stay out even later hoping her parents would be in bed already and she wouldn't have to explain. Well....she got that wrong. She came strolling in late and they were both waiting for her, both royally pissed off. They sit her down and confront her about where she was and she has attitude and a sassy mouth. Mom and Dad will not have this behavior. Angel is in for the punishment of her life that brings real tears of remorse to her eyes. Over Mommy and then Daddy's knee for a hard hand spanking it is, then she is to get the wooden hairbrush from mom and the belt from dad. Angel will not be lying, sneaking in late, or having attitude again.

30 min.

Cat num: SG00384
Price: $25.00