Strictmoor Academy - The Seat of Learning - Year 1 (DVDs)

Here it is - The long awaited feature length film.

The year was 1959 and I was a university student. I had just finished my first year and things had not gone as planned. I failed my first year exams and my parents were not pleased. The end result of this was that I was going to spend 2 weeks at a small college in New England with other young ladies from across America who had done equally badly. The college was housed in a beautiful, old Victorian home and was run by a Mother and Daughter team; Mrs. Jackson and her daughter, Mrs. Cooper. They had an excellent reputation of putting students back on the straight and narrow. Throughout the 2 weeks we all experienced their successful methods of correction. This of course to our surprise included many disciplinary methods; bare bottom spankings, hairbrush spankings, caning, mouth soaping, scolding, and hand rulering. When each of us were to break a rule we found ourselves experiencing one of the above methods. We were also punished by a woman, Ms. Drower our housemother, at bedtime because as we learned, a spanking in the day meant a spanking at bedtime. We all learned fast, but not fast enough, that we needed to be on our best behavior to avoid having our bare bottoms spanked soundly by one of these 3 ladies. In this 12 scene film, there are 7 students, 3 tops, and the daughter of Mrs. Cooper. All the young ladies are spanked multiple times in this old fashioned 1950s discipline full feature 3 hour film.

2 hr. 50 min. - 2 Disc set

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