Bratty Sarah and the Babysitter

In this custom film between Sarah Gregory and Christina Carter, Sarah plays the bratty girl who won’t obey her babysitter and go to bed. She has eaten chocolate and made a real mess across her face, refusing to wipe it off then even attempts to take more from Christina’s purse whilst being spanked. Sarah also thinks it is funny to run away and hide but in the most obvious of places. After arguing and running way once too often, Christina grabs the annoying brat... wipes her dirty chocolate-covered mouth with a wet wipe then takes her over her lap for more punishment. She spanks her harder and meaner with her hand, then the hairbrush which has Sarah yelping before the silly baby off to bed.

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Cleo Spanked at School

Cleo has been wearing a shortened school skirt which is far too inappropriate and shows off her white panties, barely concealing her rounded butt cheeks. She was also caught smoking behind the school sheds by one of the teachers. Her father is called in by the principal, Miss Samantha B, to discuss this unruly behavior. He is very disappointed with her and embarrassed that he has to hear of her infractions in person. Principal Samantha explains that the school uses corporal punishment as a method of correction so Cleo will be spanked in front of her father. How humiliating... and Cleo shows this, but it is too late to protest. She is made to bend over and look at her father while the principal spanks her with her panties pulled down. She is then given 10 swats with the school's wooden "Paddle of Correction". Next, it is suggested that her father now spank her while the principal watches, it is yet more humiliation as Cleo must look her in the eyes. Father spanks and paddles his naughty girl with a firm hand and then she is sent back to class with a very sore, smarting bottom.

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Stevie Spanks Skylar

Stevie decides to bring her younger sister on a trip to Vegas. They go out to a club and Skylar decides to escape Stevie with a guy she meets. Stevie is worried sick and when she finds her sister later that evening she is angry. She marches her back to the hotel room to have a "discussion" about this unsafe behavior. After scolding her, she takes Skylar over her lap for a much-needed spanking. Then she bends her over the bed for a hairbrush spanking. Stevie and Skylar Rose are real-life siblings and they are both into spanking. This is a very special film.

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Naughty Girl Scout Ashley

Ashley has been a very irresponsible girl. She should know, by now, when not to call daddy to come and pick her up until she is actually ready. Added to that, he can only fit four passengers in the car. This has been made perfectly clear to her on many occasions. So what did she do this evening? She calls him and makes him wait an hour for her and the 6 friends with her that she has offered a ride home. This is not the first time either she has done this. This makes him very upset with her. When they get home... it is right over his lap, still in her scouting uniform, for a good old fashioned spanking. This time her white panties are pulled down and she protests in sheer embarrassment, but it is too late for modesty. She receives a sound, bare bottom hand spanking as well as the much-hated leather paddle that has poor Ashley yelping out in pain. Then she is left in the corner to think about her misbehavior, panties still down, as she rubs her sore, aching red bottom.

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Double Detention Discipline

Sarah and Elle have been asked to stay after school for detention by their teacher, Miss Elizabeth. Both young ladies have been naughty girls, not turning in assignments on time, being unprepared, disrupting lessons with excessive talking, and being rude to their teachers. They are there not just for detention, but a double punishment, in front of the other. Each naughty girl is taken one at a time, over their teacher's firm lap for a panties-down, bare bottom, hand spanking. It is so humiliating being spanked in front of each other. Elle was already close to tears and this embarrassment of being spanked with a now contrite and quiet Sarah brought out the tears that she had been holding back. The final part of their punishment is given when they are made to bend over, regulation knickers down, gripping the side of a chair as Miss Elizabeth administers several mean swats of the wooden ruler across their already sore red backsides. The girls will do better in the future so as to avoid another humiliating double detention that they both want to forget ever happened!

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Sarah's Second Dose of Discipline

Sarah has been such a naughty girl that mommy had to spank her previously. Daddy is not happy about it and when he hears about what a little brat his Sarah has been it will be his turn to give her another dose of discipline. Sarah is taken over his lap and is given a spanking over her pajamas, her panties, and of course on her bare jiggling, round bottom. Sarah cries real tears very quickly during this spanking punishment. After the hand spanking, daddy takes off his leather belt to teach his little girl a much-needed lesson that she should be a better-behaved girl in the future.

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Tiana Spanks and Straps Andy

Andy has gone to a play party at a local dungeon and had a grand old time playing with her roommate’s partner getting caned. The next morning, Tiana is waiting for Andy in their living room to give her a piece of her mind. She asks to see all the lovely cane marks and tells her it is unacceptable to play with him without even checking with her or letting her know. Tiana knows a spanking and strapping over an already sore, caned bottom will not be pleasant so that is precisely what she has planned for Andy. She takes her roommate over her lap and gives her a very hard no-nonsense hand spanking. First over her short shorts, then she pulls them down and gives her a humiliating wedgie while she continues to spank her bare bottom without mercy. Of course, the panties must eventually come down for even more added humiliation. The punishment ends with a relentless non-stop hard strapping for over 4 minutes as she uses the dreaded stinging "Compliance Discipline" strap which has Andy screaming in pain. Afterward, Tiana leaves Andy to reflect on her behavior and rub her sore, red, swollen cheeks.

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Thieving Whore Taught a Lesson

Amelia is trying to steal Zoe's regular client, Dave. She greets the friendly gentleman and tells him his Zoe was sick and couldn't make it to the session so she would be happy to fill in. Dave is a little confused but agrees as he likes the dirty way Amelia is talking to him. Just when Dave pulls the condom out of his pocket, an angry Zoe storms into the room grabbing Amelia by the hair as she means to teach this little hussy a lesson. She drags the little slut over her lap and spanks her over her short, tight revealing dress. Dave looks on, feeling excited that he gets to watch this punishment carried out before his eyes. Amelia is spanked on her bare bottom and not just with Zoe's mean hand but with the hairbrush too. The tall blonde hoe struggles and cries out in pain but that only makes Zoe punish her harder. Further humiliation ensues for Amelia as she must remove her panties completely and having her legs parted and bottom more exposed. She won't be trying to steal anyone's clients ever again after this hard lesson.

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Del's After School Spanking

Del is waiting in her room for daddy to come in and discuss what happened at school earlier that day. She was spanked by the principal for being rude and using foul language to her teacher. In this house... "A spanking at school means a spanking at home". Daddy is very upset that his little girl would use such horrible words when speaking with her teacher and he hears her foul language in person when she argues with him. He wastes no more time discussing this matter with her so takes the bratty girl over his lap to turn her already reddened bottom a much deeper shade of crimson. Del kicks and squeals in pain as daddy spanks her harder and harder. After his hard hand spanking, she is told to lay on the bed, with her bare bottom upturned and accessible as he takes his leather strap to her sore behind. Afterward, daddy leaves her to rub her burning, swollen cheeks... and Del knows she will be sleeping on her tummy that night!

Mackenzie Spanked for Lying

Mackenzie is summoned into the living room by daddy as he got a phone call from school that she has been cutting class. She tries to lie her way out of it but daddy already knows the truth and that won't work. This is not the first time this has happened and he is going to put a stop to it the old fashioned way. Mackenzie is first spanked over her tight jeans and then on the bare bottom. After a hard hand spanking, in which her magnificent cheeks are thoroughly tanned by his hand, daddy takes out his leather belt. She is laid over the ottoman, her bare, quivering bottom stuck out and vulnerable as he reigns down the heavy leather belt. He follows through on every measured mean swat, ensuring that Mackenzie understands the message that liars always get found out.

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