Lily and Ava's School Punishment

Lily and Ava once again find themselves in the Principal's Office but this time for cheating. Since they are mostly good students they will not be expelled, but instead, be subject to corporal punishment. They are each taken over Principal Rogers' lap for a hard hand spanking... Lily is first and she howls as his hardened hand reddens her bare bottom with her regulation school panties pulled down. She is sent back to the wall while Ava takes the same position, she kicks and yelps as she receives the same humiliating treatment. Then both girls receive a paddling on their bare bottom, bent over the desk, with the mean wooden Spencer Paddle! They are left facing the wall, feeling sorry for themselves, bare bottoms on full shameful display. Principal Rogers tells the girls not to rub their bottoms while he fills out the Discipline Report.

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Lola Anderson: Caned and Tawsed

Lola Anderson is the latest employee to face the difficult choice of being fired or taking a hard caning and hand-tawsing punishment. She chooses the latter option and is visibly nervous as she contemplates what is about to happen. She presents the heavy rattan cane and leather tawse for the punishment where she is to receive 24 hard strokes of the cane followed by 10 stinging swats of the tawse across Lola's outstretched hands. The punishment is carried out with her naked, so she slowly undresses, nervously eyeing the cane, before being placed over in a revealing position with her bottom stuck out and presented for the first strokes. Lola is a very stoic young lady, she takes these canings with gritted teeth but as the caning progresses, the facial reactions and the way she reacts to the severe cane strokes clearly show this message is getting through to her. The evidence of the welts on her bottom is enough to show how much this is hurting and by all 24 her poor bottom and upper thighs are an angry red mass or parallel welts. Then she receives the heavy tawse, Lola has never felt pain like this... and in the end, she shows us just how red and swollen her palms have become. Lola is allowed to ice her bottom, and the cold cubes soothe her red striped bottom as the ice quickly melts from the heat of her bottom. Only then is Lola allowed to leave the room and compose herself after she tells us how she felt about this difficult workplace punishment. This special video is from a valued custom client who wanted us to film Lola in this precarious caning scenario.

Sorority House Punishments

The 4 Freshman Sorority Sisters are really in for it. They have disgraced their House by causing damage and partying way too much to the point of disrupting the public. Head Sorority Sister, Miss Zoe Page, and Dean of Students, Miss Bernadette, are going to deal with this problem in the old fashioned way. They abruptly wake the girls with the sound of the Dean's leather discipline strap hitting the couch. The girls are startled and confused. They do not think they have done anything wrong, that is until they are being severely punished for it. Then all of a sudden they are sorry. They are each hand spanked by each of their elders. Then Dean Bernadette takes the strap to each miscreant before Miss Zoe finishes with 6 swift hard swats with the dreaded wooden House Paddle. They cry and sob proving to the Dean and Head Sister that they have learned an important lesson the hard way.

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Sister Spanks and Diapers

Cleo is trying to have some alone time while texting friends but her annoying younger sister continues to bother and poke her for attention and is just generally becoming more annoying. After calling "Enough!" so many times, Cleo decides that if her younger sister Jas wants to play so badly, then she can play the way she wants to. Cleo takes her bratty little sister right over her lap for a spanking. She spanks Jas over her cute little dress, then on her tight panties, and of course over the bare bottom with hand and hairbrush. Now Cleo has a great idea, she liked Jas much better when she was a baby and couldn't talk and annoy her, so she makes her into a baby again. She has a special cute diaper to put her bratty sister in, powdering her princess parts before closing the diaper firmly and covering it with a beautiful onesie. Poor Jas is embarrassed and told to go to her room but the humiliation is complete when she disturbs Cleo once more so she is given a pacifier to keep her quiet. Naughty Jas is one sorry little girl who finally learns to stop bothering her older sister for attention.

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Disciplined Waitress

Madison has been called to the back office at the restaurant she works at as she has been not following rules at work. There were incidents of being rude to the customers and the matter of being caught on camera stealing from the restaurant. Madison was seen taking home cutlery, condiments, food, and much more. Miss Bernadette will not have this sort of behavior in her establishment. After a stern talking to, she says that there is only one way to deal with this behavior if this waitress wants to keep her job... and that is with a good old fashioned, over the knee hand spanking. After poor Madison is spanked until her pert bottom is bright red, Miss Bernadette wants to satisfy herself that this young madam has really learnt her lesson. So she bends Madison over the chair and a nasty stinging, wooden spoon is used to spank her bottom until it is an angry speckled red and sore. Madison is a very sad and sorry waitress who won't be stealing or rude to her customers anymore.

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Amelia's Spanking Therapy

Amelia is going to see her therapist once again, and tells her that nothing seems to be working. She is just unmotivated to make the necessary changes needed in her life. The therapist (Miss Elizabeth) has an alternative way of giving effective therapy and asks Amelia if she is open to new forms of motivation. Of course, Amelia is ready for anything by now and agrees to try the suggested "spanking therapy". Elizabeth takes a hesitant Amelia over her lap for a hand spanking. At first, she doesn't know what to make of it and is shocked that it is actually happening, but then it starts to hurt and she doesn't like it one little bit. Of course, hurting is what is going to motivate her to make the changes needed. Motivation really starts to take effect when her bottom is bared and new stinging implements like the hairbrush and leather strap are introduced... ouchies! This will be one long painful therapy session she won't soon forget.

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Anastasia Spanked and Strapped

Previously on "Momma Spankings", Anastasia was disciplined by her new stepmother for being rude and disobedient to her. Now she has been rude and disrespectful to daddy. He is not happy about his daughter's attitude and continued misbehavior so he decides to teach her a lesson with a well earned hard hand spanking and leather strapping. Anastasia's reactions to her spanking are priceless as she struggles to cope with his hard hand across her bared bottom. Her cheeks start to turn a shameful dark crimson before they really speckle and reveal marks of shame with his trusted leather strap. She is laid out on the bed as her bottom takes this mean punishment as she struggles and cries out in pain. By the end, she is one very sorry, disciplined girl who now understands a valuable lesson in respecting her parents.

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Lelu Learns Her Lesson

Sarah is very disappointed with her new assistant, Lelu, for dressing very unprofessionally for their trip. She is supposed to be wearing something a little more respectful than what she has on. Sarah is going to teach this naughty girl a lesson by taking her over her lap for a good old fashioned spanking. Pretty Lelu is amused and a little confused at first but when the spankings continue from over her tight sexy shorts to the slutty panties... she realizes Sarah is serious! To add a little humiliation, Sarah pulls down Lelu's panties and the spankings continue over her perfect bare behind! See another hot exclusive girl on girl spanking now showing at Sarah's site.

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Rachel Caned and Tawsed to Tears

In this special custom video presentation which we are showcasing across our network, Rachel Adams is the American flight attendant, working for a well known City State airline. It's a great company to work for unless you are caught stealing (like Rachel) and then there are unique rules for the punishment of its employees. This feature-length movie shows Rachel explaining what she has done and she has decided to take the punishment of 24 severe strokes of the cane and also 8 heavy swats of the tawse across her open hands. Rachel explains what is to happen, she is understandably nervous and knows this will hurt like nothing experienced before, it is to be humiliating and undresses slowly, explaining the caning process will also include her bare bottom being sprayed often with water to ensure the friction of the rod across her glistening buttocks will create maximum contact! The caning is in 2 sets of 12, such is the severity allowing for a break in between, the camera captures both angles in full... nothing is missed out, covering her facial and bottom welting reactions - caned from cold! She screams out when each stroke is administered, the endorphins flood her senses as her legs buckle and shake from the sheer force of this punishment! After she is a snotty, blubbering mess, she has to take her 4 lashes on each hand with the heavy leather tawse. She has never experienced anything like it and by the end is allowed to reflect on her punishment as she explains what it felt like from her perspective. The final scene reveals the results of Rachel's punishment: We see her poor welted bottom and her red, swollen hands as she applies lotion to soothe her aching welted cheeks. If you like to watch a genuine severe punishment carried out where nothing is left to the imagination, then this tear-filled snot fest caning and tawsing punishment of Rachel Adam is a must-see!

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Hurts So Good

Miss Bernadette has posted an ad for a live-in assistant. Zoe Page shows up for the interview but has absolutely no idea what is in store for her. After brief introductions, Miss Bernadette explains that she is looking for someone to do all the basic household chores and duties. However, she has other interests that Zoe must be open to if she wants the position offered. Zoe is told that she will be shown exactly what else will be expected of her as she notices the array of lovely straps and canes on the table. After stripping Zoe's tight dress off, she inspects her beautiful body that she will be causing delicious pain and excruciating pleasure to. Zoe is shy, a little shocked, yet quite curious as to what she should expect to experience. Bernadette takes Zoe through various stages of impact play including strapping, caning, cropping, tit slapping, pussy spanking, and other forms of humiliation such as crawling on all fours for Mistress. Zoe is unsure at first and it does hurt her quite a bit, but being naked, bared and exposed like this has rekindled some darker edgy desire to be treated like this and starts to like it by the end. This is going to be the perfect job for Zoe... and Bernadette is more than willing to hire her in this new, unique job arrangement.

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