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Sarah Gregory Spanking is Sarah Gregory's personal spanking website which offers traditional disciplinary spanking, playful spanking, and sensual spanking. My members section features many new faces to the spanking world as well as many other established fetish and spanking stars. I update 5 times a week and we are already up to over 460 full spanking videos. The spanking stories involve females and males and are edited, directed and produced by myself, a girl who has had a spanking fetish for as long as she can remember. Sarah Gregory can be seen not only as a bottom, receiving a good spanking, but also doing quite a bit of topping.


Raven's Tearful Spanking

Raven has really gone and done it this time. She has been expelled from a very prestigious private school and sent home to her father to face the music. He is so disappointed in her, he can barely look at Raven, she is an absolute disgrace to the family! Even though she had been spanked before being sent home, that is not the end of her discipline. She is taken over a very upset daddy's lap for a severe hard hand spanking before he finishes with the dense, wooden hairbrush. The brush's heavy swats leave dark angry marks of shame across her full bottom. By the end, Raven is sobbing with her face flooded with tears from her painful, mean spanking from daddy. She is scolded once more and told to clean up her tear-stained appearance before getting ready for an early, uncomfortable bedtime where she will no doubt cry herself to sleep some more.

Sore Spanked Secretaries

Veronica has taken it upon herself to discipline her co-worker Violet for her laziness. Veronica has taken all the slack when getting their deadlines met and she is beyond fed up. Instead of taking it to the boss, Samantha, she takes matters into her own hands and dishes out a spanking to lazy Violet. Madame Samantha walks in on this when she sees the sight of Violet's bare bottom being spanked over Veronica's lap. Samantha is very upset, telling her she should know better than to discipline her peers. Now Veronica must endure a taste of her own painful dose of medicine. Madame Samantha takes the naughty secretary over her lap for a thorough hand and wooden hairbrush spanking that has the poor girl wriggling and yelping out loud. Of course, the same treatment is needed for Violet (nursing an already sore throbbing bottom) since it is her laziness and poor work ethic that got both ladies there in the first place.

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Naughty Wife

Michael has taken his wife Zoe with him to a meal with his work colleagues. She has been so rude and a real annoyance for the entire meal. When they get home, he plans to have a proper "discussion" with her. After more backchat (when he tries to talk to her) he takes his naughty wife right over his lap for a lesson the old fashioned way. She is spanked over her dress, then on her bare bottom with his hand and the thick leather paddle until her bottom is painfully red, angry, and swollen leaving her looking very sorry for herself. She is stood in the corner afterward to reflect on her mean behavior and selfishness.

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Caught in the Office

Ashley and Britney are on break at the office and decide to get frisky with each other thinking they are in private. Their boss, Miss Bernadette, is shocked to walk in on them about to have some fun together. She tells them that if they want to touch each other, then they shall. They are instructed to spank each other as part of their punishment. They are very hesitant and embarrassed. Miss Bernadette says they will comply if they want to keep their jobs. So, the spank each other, but it is too light and Miss Bernadette after watching, says she is going to show them how a spanking is given. She then takes over spanking each of the naughty secretaries on their bare bottoms until they are very sorry. She leaves them to rub their sore bottoms.

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Del's Halloween Spanking

See this special Halloween Spanking starring Del Hunter and Paul Rogers. Del has been out to a party and stayed out way too late. Dad is waiting for her in her room when she gets home. Not only is he upset about her being past curfew but the Halloween costume she is wearing looks way too slutty. She says everyone is wearing costumes like that, but he is not having any of it. His girl is not like everyone else... and to prove that point, he knows... and she knows what is coming next! A spanking! He takes her right over his lap for a hard hand spanking which she finds humiliating, especially when her panties are pulled down and her bare bottom is reddened further. Daddy finishes with the hairbrush which really stings her bare bottom, making her kick out, wriggle, and crying out in pain until he is satisfied that Del has learned her lesson.

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Apricot Spanked by the Principal

Apricot was caught on the school's locker room security cams skipping gym class. To be precise, she skipped the class as she was shamelessly masturbating. This is a strict private school and the principal is shocked as she has never had to deal with such an incident as this, to say the least. After a stern talking-to about her lewd, baseless behavior she is taken over the principal's lap for a spanking, Her school pinafore is yanked up as the spanking continues over her regulation knickers and, of course, on the bare bottom. To really drive the punishment home she is given 12 strokes on her bare, quivering bottom with the principal's heavy wooden ruler before Apricot is sent back to class.

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Dominatrix Dominated

Lily Swan is a Dominatrix who switches on occasion and she remembers that her only client today has booked her in a submissive-only role... but she is not feeling it at all. So she decides to try and blag her way with John by attempting to play her usual role as a Domme, hoping he might submit and like to be dominated. However, John knows what he booked and is not impressed and doesn't fall for her cheap trick. He is both shocked and amused at how Lily comes on too strong for him and he knows that she is a "switch" and she feigns shock when he tells her that he will be the one spanking her. Of course, in the end, she agrees since it was her fault and she needs the money. She doesn't like being spanked and strapped one little bit but John is having far too much fun especially since she tried to pull one over on him. Watch her athletic, toned legs kick out and her strong body struggle as John spanks her beautiful jiggling cheeks. They redden under his hand and then the leather straps he uses on her with her laid out on the sofa, vulnerable and exposed. The sight of Lily's bottom is hot, with her dressed in dominatrix clothing, and the camera angles capture her awesome facial reactions to the strapping. Finally, he leaves her to rub her sore, red bottom better!

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Melody's Motivational Spanking

Melody's work has been falling behind and she has missed deadlines and has not been focussed lately. Her boss, Mr. Lake, has scheduled a disciplinary meeting to discuss this. Melody knows that they deal with things of this manner with corporal punishment and of course she wants to keep her job. She is a top employee but seems to need some motivation and direction. Mr. Lake takes her over his lap for some extra motivation with a serious hand spanking over her panties. Then... to her initial embarrassment, he pulls her panties down which she finds humiliating as he continues to spank her hard. This punishment is far from over as he brandishes a thick rattan cane which he uses across her bare, sore bottom. He gives her a "12 of the best" caning, leaving her cheeks marked with distinctive red welts of shame. She is told to collect her things and get back to work with the hope she has learned a renewed motivation to do better in the future.

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Bratty Hotel Guest

Adriana has been the worst kind of hotel guest; loud, messy, and rude! There have been multiple complaints from the staff and fed up guests. The General Manager, Miss Bernadette, knows the best method to deal with a rotten, spoiled brat of this nature is with a spanking. So Adriana is taken over the hotel manager's lap for a much-needed lesson of respect... the "good old fashioned way". However, during her punishment, Adriana is moving and wriggling around so much that the manager restrains the brat with a firm leg lock so she can finish spanking her properly. The poor wretch really knows she has been disciplined when a hairbrush is used on her sore, aching cheeks. She is left to contemplate her actions and is told that if she wants to stay in this hotel, she will learn to be respectful to others.

Babysitter Punished

Anna has been employing a babysitter, Chrissy Marie, on a regular basis but something she has learned makes it important that Chrissy comes over for a "discussion" on her day off. The recently installed nanny cams have shown that Chrissy has been having her boyfriend over when she is not allowed to have anyone other than herself while she is babysitting for Anna. The outcome is that she can either lose her job or take the punishment Anna is suggesting. Chrissy agrees to the spanking as she knows she deserves it and she needs to keep her job. Witness Chrissy's pert, tight bare bottom turning red from the hard hand of her employer as she is spanked like a naughty girl over Anna's lap. This film also features spankings over tight jeans, cotton panties, with lots of leg kicking from the beautiful Chrissy Marie as she is also given an old fashioned leather slippering!

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