Sarah Gregory is a sexy brunette vixen from the east coast of the USA. Since learning that she had an interest in spanking Sarah's adventures have led her into a whole heap of trouble. Luckily for everyone, there is always someone there to spank some sense into naughty Sarah's lovely round bottom.
Sarah gets spanked by figures of authority and even spanks some of her girlfriends

Amber Spanks Sarah

Amber is not happy with her girlfriend (Sarah) who went out the previous evening and got drunk at a bar. Unknown to Sarah is the fact that Amber knows exactly what she had been doing as the bar owner is an old friend of hers and told her about the shenaniagns that Sarah had got up to. Drinking vodka shots, flirting with guys for drinks, booty shaking, twerking and acting like a little slut! She lets Sarah incriminate herself before she tells her she has something in mind for her girlfriend... an old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spanking! Sarah's bottom jiggles as Amber's expert hand smacks her girlfriend's delicious bouncing booty until it turns a shameful red! Amber lets her naughty girlfiriend know that this style of punishment will be carried out again in the future as she rather enjoyed spanking Sarah's lovely behind.

Join in and see Sarah Gregory and her girlfriends squeal as their bottoms turn red!