Sarah Gregory is a sexy brunette vixen from the east coast of the USA. Since learning that she had an interest in spanking Sarah's adventures have led her into a whole heap of trouble. Luckily for everyone, there is always someone there to spank some sense into naughty Sarah's lovely round bottom.
Sarah gets spanked by figures of authority and even spanks some of her girlfriends

Privileged Brat Spanked

Amelia's Parents have gone away for a month and left Forbes (their housekeeper and trusted guardian of Amelia) in charge. Amelia is being nothing short of a spoiled privileged brat, making demands, being rude and bossy, and generally a complete bitch. Forbes has had enough and decides that what she needs is the kind of discipline her mother used to give her when she was younger, a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. Amelia protests in anger and eventually becomes more contrite as she doesn't like this one bit and wants the spanking to stop. She promises to change her behavior and do as she is told from now on, which includes being much more respectful.

Join in and see Sarah Gregory and her girlfriends squeal as their bottoms turn red!