Sarah Gregory is a sexy brunette vixen from the east coast of the USA. Since learning that she had an interest in spanking Sarah's adventures have led her into a whole heap of trouble. Luckily for everyone, there is always someone there to spank some sense into naughty Sarah's lovely round bottom.
Sarah gets spanked by figures of authority and even spanks some of her girlfriends

Friends in Trouble

Sarah and Amelia have taken the car and not asked for permission. When daddy discovers the car is missing he reports it as stolen and his daughter and her friend get picked up by the police. Daddy is very upset when they get back from the police station with them. He makes them put their Pajamas on and wait for their dreaded punishment. Amelia learns the hard way how discipline is dealt with in her friend Sarah's home.

Join in and see Sarah Gregory and her girlfriends squeal as their bottoms turn red!