Bad Coach Punished

Jadie Reece is the school's new cheerleader coach and she is out of control disciplining the girls with spankings for the slightest infractions. Star cheerleader, Rosie Ann, is the latest to get punished in a bid to restore what the Coach thinks is poor discipline in the squad. Team morale is so poor due to these detention sessions as we discover in this punishment which seems very unfair to Rosie. She is placed over Jadie's knee for a stern scolding, lecturing and spanked over her tight white panties and bare bottom. Fortunately for Rosie, this punishment is cut short when Mr Osborne discovers, for himself, just what has been happening from the complaints of other team members, parents and of course the appalling results of the cheer squad since the new coach arrived. Rosie is sent away and Jadie is given the same humiliating treatment that she gave her girls. She is embarrassed being spanked over his lap with her panties pulled down but worse was to come. She received some stinging hard swats of the heavy leather school strap and told that she had to apologize to every girl for her behavior. To ensure this, Mr Osborne took a picture of her sore blistered spanked bottom on his phone as insurance that she would comply with his demands. Jadie learns the hard way that her job is now dependent on an improvement in results and team morale!