Stevie Strapped and Paddled

We welcome the famous Michael Masterson to the site in this hard strapping and paddling of Stevie Rose the way he does it best. Stevie has been sent to Principal Masterson's office for breaking the school rules. It is Friday, which is spirit day, so she she is allowed to wear her cheer uniform to school. However, she decides not to wear her proper footwear. This is very unsafe and Principal Masterson is very upset with her. She has also been flashing her panties to boys in class while at her desk as well as raising her skirt in the hallways. The teachers are disgusted with her rude behavior. She is made to sit and wait while Mr. Masterson records her upcoming punishments and reviews the reports he was sent on her. The suspense builds for her. She is finally made to bend over his desk for a very hard strapping and paddling. No warm up, no hand spanking, he gets right to business on this bad cheerleader's behind.