Stevie's Sisterly Spanking

Stevie got out of control drunk at her older sister's party and made a fool of herself. She almost ended up in the ER. Harley is very upset and decides that she is going to make a point of showing her how upset she is and talking won't do it this time. Stevie promises to be good and begs to be allowed to go to the next party, but in order for this to happen she is going to go over her sister's lap for a VERY hard hand and hairbrush spanking that she won't ever forget.

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Ava Spanked, Strapped, and Caned

Even though this is Ava's first film on the site, this was the end of our long day of shooting and was my favorite film. It was a natural, no plot film with me spanking Ava over my knee, strapping her, and caning her. I love to spank and she loves to be spanked, so it's a great film. Even though she loves pain, it still hurts her and she still squirms and moans in pain quite a bit.

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Daddy Spanks Linny

Daddy is just so disappointed in Linny. She continues to disappoint and let down him and her mother. He isn't even going to discuss it again, instead it is right over his lap for another spanking. She gets a solid spanking over daddy's knee and then it is the belt. She hates the belt and pleads with daddy but she just hasn't learned her lesson. She is one sorry little girl after she gets daddy's belt across her poor spanked bottom.

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Daddy Punishes Sarah

This is me, Sarah, in the raw; no make-up and real. I have had very low self confidence and body image issues for a long time and my daddy is not happy. We had discussed a real punishment and decided that we would film it so you all could see. He said that this was one of the hardest spankings he has given me and although I don't get marked, it was VERY hard. He has the skill to make it hurt like a bitch, but not cause any damage. I had also been spanked all week prior, so I was already very sore to begin with. He spanks me with his hand and then straps me and those of you who know me, know I hate being strapped. This is very real and raw and I hope you all enjoy. I still have some self doubts, but I am not going around insulting myself anymore so clearly this had some impact on me.

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Trust Fund Brats

Kajira and Joelle are stuck up trust fund brats. Their account manager is sick of their attitudes and irresponsible spending behavior so when they come to collect their next allowance, he has something different for them. Instead of the briefcase having their money in it, they find a strap. Confused and pissed off, they mouth off, but that only makes him more upset. Each of these brats gets what they deserve!

Sarah's Sensual & Sexy Spanking

Sarah and Tasha have known each other since the beginning of Sarah's journey into the world of spanking and fetish so their chemistry comes through very strongly when they play. They decided to do a no plot fun and sexy spanking, but that doesn't mean that Tasha doesn't throw in some hard swats, Sarah loves spanking after all. Watch these two play in a natural way; fun real dialogue, sexy and sensual spanking, Sarah in very exposed and humiliating positions, which of course she loves. Don't miss this hot spanking film that get's Sarah all wet and bothered.

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Elle's Self Spanking

In this custom video, Elle spanks herself with various implements in a POV style film. She uses a hair brush, leather paddle, and of course her hand. She gets into different sexy positions that show everything to the viewer! Don't miss the sexy self spanking film.

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Friends in Trouble

Sarah and Amelia have taken the car and not asked for permission. When daddy discovers the car is missing he reports it as stolen and his daughter and her friend get picked up by the police. Daddy is very upset when they get back from the police station with them. He makes them put their Pajamas on and wait for their dreaded punishment. Amelia learns the hard way how discipline is dealt with in her friend Sarah's home.

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Stevie's Real Punishment

Last time I stayed with my good friend Stevie, she admitted that she was in need of some real punishment for her excessive drinking. She was drinking to the point of blacking out at spanking parties. Since I care about her and we are friends, I gave her areal punishment. She gets spanked with my hand, leather paddle, straps, canes, and paddles.

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Strictmoor Academy Year One Scene Twelve

Scene 12 is the final scene to this epic long play spanking film. All the girls except Jennifer had broken curfew. It was Charlotte and Lynn's idea so they get it the worst. After a scolding from all three ladies in charge, they are each caned by Mrs. Cooper. Then, Charlotte and Lynn are taken over Mrs. Jackson;s knee for a dose of the hairbrush. They are all very sorry young women.

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