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Sarah Gregory Spanking is Sarah Gregory's personal spanking website which offers traditional disciplinary spanking, playful spanking, and sensual spanking. My members section features many new faces to the spanking world as well as many other established fetish and spanking stars. I update 5 times a week and we are already up to over 400 full spanking videos. The spanking stories involve females and males and are edited, directed and produced by myself, a girl who has had a spanking fetish for as long as she can remember. Sarah Gregory can be seen not only as a bottom, receiving a good spanking, but also doing quite a bit of topping. As of January 1, 2014 all the movies will be in high-quality, crystal clear HD (1920x1080) in both MOV and MP4 format, movies from 2013 and before are in MOV and WMV format.


No More Bullying

Girlscout leader, Miss Bernadette, has invited Blaire over to discuss things with her. Blaire is new to the troupe but she has been bullying some of the other girls. She has a mean steak in her and Miss Bernadette will not stand for this kind of behavior. She has already spoken to Blaire's mother about this and has been given permission to punish as she sees fit. After a scolding, Blaire is taken over her leader's lap for a spanking. She is spanked over her panties and of course on the bare bottom. A hand spanking isn't all she will be getting. She must now ask Miss Bernadette to use the small leather paddle on her bottom. It's now back over the ap for a hard leather paddling on her already sore spanked bottom. Blaire is not a very happy girl, but she won't be bullying anyone anymore.

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Rude Amelia Learns Her Lesson

Amelia has been very rude to he fiancé's best friend who will be their best man in the wedding. It's time this naughty girl is taught a lesson. Davis is invited over to watch as this makes it much more embarrassing for her. She goes right over Michael's lap for a good hard spanking with hand and strap. At the end he let's David take a turn with the stingy strap. Amelia kicks and complains but she finally learns a much needed lesson.

Competitor's Corporal Punishment

Lily has agreed to a meeting with Madison, her competitor in the fitness competition world, as there are some things she needs to get to the bottom of. Madison confronts Lily about why there are needles and steroids being planted in her locker and bag. She knows Lily is a cheat and is just trying to get Madison disqualified so she can win. Both girls are super competitive and coming second just isn't enough for either. So Madison decides to spank her good and hard until she agrees to confess to the coach that she has been the one planting the paraphernalia and gives a sincere apology. Watch two hot, strong fitness models face off in this private meeting... Lily's amazing bare bottom and tight abs are on full display as her toned booty receives a deserved hand spanking for her foolish behavior.

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Apricot's Asylum Punishment

Apricot is in an Asylum for her sexual promiscuity and she uses a ruse of being sick and was sent to the infirmary but she tried to escape. Well, now Apricot is tied to the bed and nurse Bernadette will not put up with this sort of behavior. If Apricot really is sick, she will have an exam. This involves a humiliating temperature taking in her bottom. Of course she is not sick and it is all lies as the nurse knew full well. She is to be punished and nurse can do whatever she pleases to this helpless girl. Apricot continues to struggle but she is restrained and can't go anywhere. She is strapped and caned until she can't take anymore. It is only then that nurse Bernadette knows nasty Apricot won't be trying any more of her sneaky tactics to escape. After all... she thinks, promiscuous sluts belong in a place like this!

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The English Tutor

Red has been sent to strict disciplinarian and tutor Miss Zoe Page for half term. She has been falling behind in many core subjects at school and her parents feel that some extra help is required. There are strict rules where she is staying... and breaking them results in punishment. This discipline is, of course, good old fashioned over the knee spankings. From the start, Miss Page shows her just how discipline will be carried out to make sure she gets full co-operation from this wayward girl. Red hesitantly takes her position over the maternal lap of her tutor for a hard hand spanking. There is also a special rule: A spanking in the day means a spanking at bedtime. So later that evening, Red meets the English mistress in the study once again. She is back over the lap for a hard bare bottom spanking including the dreaded, stinging Mason and Pearson hairbrush. She cries out in pain as she promises to be on her best behavior to avoid any repeat punishments if she fails in her assignments.

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Samantha's School Spanking

Samantha Marie is in trouble once more and this time it is not just a spanking that she will receive, but also a caning. She has shown such appalling attitude and been rude once too many times in the classroom. Her teacher Miss Bernadette, is fed up with this disruptive pupil and brings her to the Principal's Office where she knows a humiliating double discipline will teach this appaling girl a lesson. Both Samantha's teacher and principal give her a hard hand spanking with her bent over the desk. The principal pulls down Samantha's panties and continues to punish her on the bare bottom. Then she receives a double dose of 12 cane strokes from each educator making a total of 24 which increase with intensity. Finally, this type of punishment serves notice to Samantha that she must be better behaved in the future or she will face the consequences.

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Amy Learns Her Lesson

Amy is in detention with her teacher, Miss Bernadette, for not completing her writing assignment. It is only one page and her excuse is that her family "fox" ate her essay. Miss Bernadette has never heard anything so preposterous and has had enough of Amy's foolish stories. She takes Amy right over her lap for a hard hand spanking. Amy's tight regulation knickers offer little protection as the hand spankings get harder... and of course, Miss Bernadette always spanks her pupils on the bare bottom. Amy is not prepared for this and is very embarrassed and struggles and kicks her legs as her bared bottom is given a deserved spanking. Then Miss decides this little liar should receive 12 very hard strokes with the cane. With each stroke Amy's bottom becomes more and more welted. For the remainder of her detention, Amy is left to reflect on the punishment and her recent poor behavior that led to this!

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A Lesson in Friendship

Anastasia is royally pissed off at her friend Chrissy. They are at a Fetish Convention and have a photo shoot booked together. The photographer specifically booked them together but Chrissy forgets and doesn't show up. Anastasia has now lost the money from the shoot, whilst giving her a bad name, and she is going to take it out on her friends' bare backside. She takes her friend over her lap, spanking her on her bottom with her hand, then she strips her slowly and takes the hairbrush to her bare, exposed bottom. Chrissy complains and whines about the treatment but finally admits that she shouldn't have done this to her friend and accepts her punishment. This is an incredibly hot girl on girl spanking with two incredibly sexy ladies that lovers of this style of erotica should not miss.

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Belle's Naked Spanking

This is the first time that Belle has been filmed completely nude for any spanking website: Belle has been such a naughty girl. She has been told specifically NOT to wear revealing clothing in the backyard, so instead she wears nothing at all. Daddy is shocked when he receives a phone call from the neighbor that his daughter is outdoors about to go into the hot tub completely naked. He swiftly catches her before she gets in and pulls his naughty daughter over his lap for a spanking on her bare bottom. This is a rather embarrassing punishment for Belle, as you can imagine the shame of her knowing that her squirming, wriggling nude body hides nothing from daddy at all. Add to that the stern scolding during this painful hand spanking, and Belle's humiliation is complete as she learns being a rebellious brat has some very real consequences. She will learn to respect her parents wishes in the future and do as she is told!

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Slutty Secretaries Spanked By Boss

Ashley and Sarah are humiliated to find out that their boss, Miss Bernadette, knows that they have been having sex during working hours. There are surveillance cameras at the office and she knows every dirty little detail of their sexual encounters. She invites them to her house as she doesn't want to deal with them at the work place. Now she can do whatever she wants to them if they really want to keep their jobs. She informs the embarrassed girls that she is going to spank them like the naughty sluts they have been... and they will take the punishment given, if they really want to keep hold of their jobs. They are humiliated but each girl, starting with Ashley, goes over the lap of their boss for a hard hand spanking, first over their tight formal pencil skirts, then on their sexy panties and of course... the most humiliating of all, on the bare bottom. She ends their punishment with a hard leather strapping before placing them, bare bottomed, next to each other to admire her handiwork.

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