Double Trouble For Sarah

Both of Sarah's scene mommys are waiting up and scared as they have no idea where Sarah is. They are at a spanking party and she has been out all night. Last they saw her it was dinner time in the party suite and now it is 4am. In comes Sarah wondering why both her mommys are waiting in her room for her. All she wants to do is go to bed. She is told to sit down and she gets quite the scolding from both Elizabeth and Dana. That is definitely double trouble for Sarah. After a long scolding, she knows she is going to be punished. She is taken over Mommy Elizabeth's lap first for a hard hand spanking that starts on the bare bottom. Next is is over Momma Dana's lap for another hard hard spanking. Punishment for Sarah always ends in the bath brush or hairbrush. Both Dana and Elizabeth take the bath brush to poor Sarah's sore spanked bottom to finish her punishment and make sure she knows just how important it is to let people know where she is. This is a serious safety issue and both her mommys make their point about that on her bare bottom! This is a very powerful spanking scene between Sarah and both of her scene mom's, Miss Elizabeth and Dana Specht.
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