Kiki Caught Masturbating

Assistant Coach Evans is looking for her missing star cheergirl, Kiki, who she needs to practice some of their latest routines. She finally stumbles across Kiki upstairs in the student lounge. What she sees is bizarre. Kiki is caught masturbating, topless, on the sofa, and not wearing any panties at all. Obviously this can not go unpunished and Adriana Evans (in her new responsible role this episode) scolds Kiki for her continuing lapses in such reckless behavior. She is told to get over coach's lap as the naughty slut gets spanked on the bare bottom, with no panties at all to provide any modesty. The hand spankings and scolding continues until Adriana decides that Kiki should feel the full force of the dreaded wooden "Bad Cheerleader" paddle. Sassy Kiki is bent over, with her pert, tight cheeks on display - taking several strokes until the smile is wiped from her face. Coach tells Kiki that she can go face the other girls downstairs, without panties and a top, with her glowing red bottom displaying her humiliating punishment.