Mackenzie Learns Her Lesson

Mom and Dad are waiting for Mackenzie to arrive home from Cheer Practice. She has been skipping sessions after they were informed of her behavior by the Head Coach. They know that she will lie about it and they have some nasty surprises for her if she does decide to do this. So... when Mackenzie is confronted by them, she makes up a total fabrication about the practice sessions which infuriates her parents. Enough is enough, and they tell her she is going to learn a lesson about lying to them both. Mackenzie goes over Mommy's lap first and receives a hard spanking across her tight panties then on her bare, exposed bottom. Afterward, it is the turn of Daddy who continues to spank her with his hard hand. This really starts to drive the lesson home! She is begging for it to stop so Mom delivers "Surprise Number One": The heavy bathbrush! Watch Mackenzie break down in a flood of tears as this nasty wooden implement is used with such relentless force, turning her bottom a dark shameful, burning crimson. The poor girl yelps and is barely able to take this punishment as her tears flow freely. there is no let up though as it is time for "Surprise Number Two": Daddy's leather belt! With her bottom fully presented on the sofa, Mackenzie takes a wicked, stinging strapping with the leather belt... a strapping that brings yet more floods of tears as they stream down her face, mother all the time scolds her. This is one lesson Mackenzie will not forget in a hurry. She learns that lying to her parents has very serious, painful consequences.