Mackenzie The Slut

Mackenzie had been caught by her coach, Snow Mercy, making out and performing a sex act with her hands down the pants of a football player. This movie starts with the meeting between the two as Miss Mercy explains how disappointed and shocked she is at her star cheerleader's lewd, filthy behavior. Mackenzie's brazen attitude and lack of understanding how she has brought the good name and reputation of the cheer squad into disrepute means that she has no option but to punish this slut. It's a sensitive matter, so this punishment is private and Mackenzie reluctantly takes her discipline as the alternative is for her parents to find out! She is taken over the lap of her stern coach with her beautiful bare bottom smacked by coach's hard hands. Snow Mercy decides that a six swat wooden paddling is also in order with the message that this sort of slutty behavior will not be tolerated again.