Angela the Slut

Angela honestly had no idea why the assistant coach, Miss Gregory, wanted to see her in the basement below the gym. She was soon going to find out why she wanted to see her alone as the other girls were fed up with Angela being such a diva and, as they pointed out, screwed her way into the squad. Miss Gregory knew exactly how to deal with little sluts like Angela and gave her an ultimatum... she took a punishment like the squad members or she could leave. No amount of screwing the coach or anyone else would change this. Angela, dressed in her cute uniform, decided to take the punishment and took a bare bottom hand spanking which was humiliating as Miss Gregory took delight in making this attractive brat apologize and ask to be punished. For good measure, the Bad Cheerleader paddle was used as a further deterrent against future indiscretions. This is a really hot all girl spanking video!